The Polluted Hearts

What happens when you centralize the development?

What happens when you deliberately increase the monetary value of land?

The live example is Delhi

Holidays for schools because of Air pollution? 10 years ago we would not have imagined this.
Will our politicians realize this at least now?! They may realize but they will not care. What may be the reason? Greed, money & money. How much a person needs to live his life lavishly? 100crores, 1000 crores, 10,000 crores? But some people are earning lakhs of crores that too by keeping citizens of this country’s health at stake.

Yes Centralized development always leads to destruction. Imagine if we keep a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living room in a single room. How horrible it is to live there? You wash in the same room, you bath in the same room, and you cook in the same room, would you get sleep in the same room?! In the first place is it possible to live like that?! Even slum dwellers don’t do that (at least they keep their bathroom & wash room away from their house).

So the people who are living in Delhi like cities are in fact living in a single room which has a kitchen, bathroom, washroom and bedroom at one place. They are complaining about pollution.
In reality, cities are full of polluted things. Water is polluted, Air is polluted, Food is polluted, Medicines are polluted and even some people’s hearts are also polluted. What we call when you find all these pollutions at one place?

We must treat our country just like we treat our family?!
When we construct a home for us, we take utmost care in every aspect. But when it comes to our country we don’t care. Joint families have a limit, when they cross that limit, some of the family members set up separate homes. A house on an average keeps not more than 06 people in it. When we have such limitations in families why can’t we do the same for our cities?
How about limiting population of a city? That can be done only when we decentralize the development and control the value of land. Centralized development is not a development rather it is a well-planned destruction of life and wealth of a country.

Not agree, here it goes.

Centralized development attracts huge number of people. Living space becomes costlier leading to crimes. When crime is the solution, criminals increase gradually. When there are more criminals there will be more crimes.
Fact: Cities have more crime rate than Villages.
Destruction of Humanity


Erosion of roads will be more due to traffic congestion. Contract will be given to local contractor. Repairing was done. Contractor makes sure that the road would get damaged by next year. Again govt. calls for tendering. This time contract would be awarded to another contractor who ensured that the road would be damaged within 06 months.
Drainages get chocked due to inefficiency. Ground water becomes extinct as outlet is more than inlet. No water, No life. Then govt steps in. Water pipe lines from nearby rivers, water treatment plants. Pipe lines completed on war footing. During the inauguration pipe lines break into two pieces. Again calling tenders this time cost would be increased because they want better quality. Whose money all this?! Whose resources all this?!

Fact: More money spent in cities compared to Villages for resources.
Destruction of natural resources


How many schools a city has on an average? How many of them have play grounds? How many of them have certified & talented teachers?! Is there any school which does not give home work to it’s students so that they can spend some valuable time with their parents?! How many schools are closing after 04:00PM?! How many schools are encouraging children to play various sports?! And how many schools are not charging any fee?!

Residential schools wow what a concept! Then send your child to a Residential school, parents can take shelter in a working couples hostel. When we don’t have a family to reside what is the need of a residence?!
Fact: Govt. schools in Villages don’t charge much where as Private schools in cities charge lakhs
Destruction of childhood


Hospitals are meant for improving our health but in cities hospitals are meant for money. A typical hospital generally has the following as shareholders.
A Doctor – to run the hospital
A Politician – to protect the hospital from Govt.
A Gangster or a Goon – To protect the hospital from Public anger
A businessman – to fund the hospital
A lawman or a lawyer – To protect the hospital from court cases.
Their motive is to earn money as much as possible. You go there for some illness, they will treat you for some other. They will conduct health awareness sessions and instil in your mind a kind of fear which would force you to go through various tests.
There were rumours that some hospitals make an unofficial MOU with liquor vendors, food manufacturers to adulterate products so that they can get more patients. These hospitals celebrate the increase in patients flow.
This is one of the prime reasons we see more bars, wine shops in Cities. Oil manufacturers, fruit vendors all these people help the hospitals by using harmful chemicals in their products.
Fact: Number of hospitals are more (many folds) in Cities than Villages.
Destruction of Health.


The govt. never bans alcohol even after witnessing frequent deaths due to drunk & drive. In fact it promotes the drunken culture by giving more permissions to Bars & Pubs. Due to the centralized development population density increases. When population density is increased and drunken people are freely roaming on roads the highways become killways. Loss of life but the govt. never bans liquor because it gets more money from it.

Fact: Number of road accident deaths are more in Cities than Villages.
Destruction of Life.

Today it is Delhi, tomorrow 52 centrally developing cities and 35 crores citizens will face the same issue.

The Solution:
Decentralize the development, it will improve the quality of life. In India humans are inhabiting just 10% of livable land. Instead of trying to increase the land rates, try to inhabit another 10% of livable land. Keep the villages as they are. Create more villages. We need villages not cities. Problem will be solved.

It is time to depollute our polluted hearts to save ourselves and our children from centralized development.



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