The Heroes of India

Since last two days most of social networking sites are beautifully filled with his name just like the name itself (sundar means beauty). Sundar Pichai the new CEO of Google. Some time back it was Satya Nadella who became talk of the nation after grabbing Microsoft CEO Position. There are people who are taking pride for the achievement of these super talented guys and there are people who are criticizing them for being so selfish.

A section of people say “see our Indians achievement; we are so proud of our Indians”. Another group says ‘’these guys studied in India with our money and now serving USA or UK (whatever citizenship they have now), so pathetic”.

Okay let us come to the point. There are millions of students are passing out from different colleges every year. Where are the opportunities for them? Is our government capable enough to provide them the choices and chances overall some opportunities?! A big NO, right! Then what these guys do? If they don’t go to abroad and stays in India will they get what they want? What about the dreams they had during their education? What about the skills they learned during their training and practical? All waste? Instead of that they are doing a great help to our nation by going abroad, generating foreign funds, reducing unemployment, above all satisfying their parent’s monetary objectives.

The truth is that they are not at all Indians, they have taken US citizenship. As India doesn’t accept dual citizenship, they are no more Indians. They are Indian origin American citizens. In short they are Americans. Then why we are taking pride in them? Meaningless, is not it?!

But yes please stop before abusing me. There are plenty of people who are more talented than these guys and who chose to stay in India and started everything from scratch in India despite facing unfriendly political leaders who demand bribe for every permission from government. And yes Infosys, Wipro and recent Flipkart all were established by talented students of India.

Radhakrishna and Raghunandan G, both IIM-Ahmedabad graduates founded Taxi for sure

Agrawal and Garg launched travel triangle in 2011, both quit plush postings and lucrative salary packages at Adobe and Yahoo.

Wharton graduate Kunal Bahl quit his cushy Microsoft job based in Seattle and together with his IIT Delhi alumni Rohit Bansal established Snapdeal

Sachin Bansal with college friend Binny Bansal built Flipkart, the country’s best-known online retail brand.

Anantharaman Mani, Anjan T , Balaganesh S & Vinod Kumar from IIM Bangalore set up Reportbee which has revamped the report card into an interactive digital application. Teachers can track the progress of a single student, see a class’ overall performance and compare classes on a single sheet. Now they are applying it for government schools also.

Samay Kohli, 26, and Akash Gupta, 23, set up Grey Orange Robotics in 2009. It is a first -of-its-kind venture for the Indian logistics industry. It builds robots that can move shelves stacked with various products to a floor assistant who then scans a bar code to confirm the right items. The robot in turn moves the chosen products to the shipping bay where workers seal the packages for final transport.

This does not limited to industries or businesses, even in politics, Mr. Manohar Parikar, Jai Ram Ramesh etc., are all eminent students of prominent institutions of India. There are 1000s of civil services officers who are serving the nation and most of them are from IITs, IIMs and other reputed institutions. There are 1000s of eminent researchers, technicians and scientists in ISRO, DRDO, BHEL, HAL and other reputed Indian organisations. MARS Mission, PSLV don’t happen on their own, there was a rigorous hardship of many patriotic people behind those victories. Don’t forget how people like Mr. C N R Rao sacrificed millions of dollars and returned to India to improve the research facilities in IISc, Bangalore. These people are far greater and far respectable citizens of India compared to those Indian origin Americans.

Hence instead of owning the disowned better own the people who sacrificed millions of dollars for us and working for us relentlessly by creating long lasting wealth and evergreen values.  Hail them for their work! Remember the heroes of India and salute the heroes of India.

Jai Hind !


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