Dear Director, PK ho kya..?!

Visual medium is of two types

  1. Information oriented
  2. Entertainment oriented

News channels, news websites etc are all come under type 1. Movies, tv serials, entertainment websites, sports channels etc all come under type 2.

Now a days the type 2 visual medium is being used by evil people to influence innocent public. Especially movies.  A movie can show anything and everything as long as it does not preach the public. And when it starts preaching, the director must ensure that he/she is following it first.

Recently a movie was released which stars a popular hero and directed by equally popular film maker. It deals with a theme which is directly relates to religion. The director wants to rise some logics regarding the worshiping of god (in this process he highlights only one religion; I don’t know why he leaves other religions). To make this in an effective manner he uses the protagonist to the maximum extent by creating very intelligent scenes. He uses his intelligence to such an extent that he forgot the basics of a religion and basic reason of worshiping. It seems like he was completely lost in abusing a particular religion during the script work rather than understanding the concept of a religion.

The only good thing in the film is highlighting the cheating Swamiji’s acts very convincingly which may educate some people in a positive way.

What I was surprised about is the one who played the protagonist role did not object for such scenes where in he says “ Jo dartha hai wahi mandir jata hai”. Although they intentionally highlighted a particular religion, I feel it is applicable to every religion. That means “ Jo dartha hai wahi masid jata hai”, ‘’Jo dartha hai wahi church jata hai”. The director and the protagonist started preaching. Before preaching they must ensure that they never went to a temple or mosque in their life time. But when we check with their personal life style, we can easily understand that they do go to temple and they do go to mosques regularly. When they themselves are not following certain things, why would they want to preach to public?! Are there any external forces acting on them?!

In some scenes the protagonist asks about why people put money and other ornaments in hundi? The reason is to feed the needy. In olden times temples were allotted huge agricultural lands, gold and other things. In those days people would donate rice, dal in place of money (because money was not existed then). When money was invented, they would donate it to temples. Whatever form it was but the aim was to feed the needy during tough times. The director missed this logic it seems.

In another scene the protagonist wonders why people stand in queue and wait for hours to have a glimpse of an idol which is a mere stone. The reason is meditation (dhyan). Whenever people go to temple, there must be a common objective for all, other than individual desires. It is nothing but to have a glimpse of the idol. It is a stone but it has a shape and a name to it. People chant the name of the idol by keeping its shape in the mind during the darshan. They do it with utmost concentration; in that process they forget all their problems at least for that moment. It is nothing but meditation and meditation relieves the mind from tension. This applies not only for temple even for church or a mosque the same thing applies but the director targeted more on temple only. People go there for peace of mind, it is achievable only through meditation and for meditation a symbol and a chant is very much required to concentrate on. The intelligent director missed this too.

We have seen 26/11 attacks in Mumbai. Every Indian knew who did it. In any country not all people are bad. At the same time not all people are good. If these people are making a normal film without preaching it is okay. We will see it like a movie. But when they are trying to preach something then they should be aware of the same people who took away the heads of our beloved soldiers, who went on a killing spree for decades by indulging in various anti-social activities. What the director wants to prove? All of them are good hearted and our women must go and marry them?! First of all why a Pakistani, when you have lot of other countries out there? Were there any external forces forced them to do so?! One side people are suffering for the loss of their loved ones both at borders and in the country due to the cruel acts of our neighbour country and on another side these film makers are mocking the public by showing them in good light and Indians in bad light. It seriously raises doubts on the patriotism of this film maker.

Government should seriously think on this type of movies, because movies are one of the strongest visual medium in India. If they are not properly regulated or controlled, they would do an irreparable damage to the entire generation. Once this type of false propaganda gets into the young minds it would be very difficult task to get back them on right track again. It will affect an entire nation in a negative way. We must educate our young generation regarding our culture and religion but we should not mock and insult our religion without understanding it properly. It will make a big dent in the minds of youngsters.

And finally here is a film maker who could not understand the concept of religion and values but still can make a film on them and earn 100s of crores. Prostitutes sell their body to earn money, some unethical news reporters sell their profession to earn money, PK makers surpassed them all by selling their MOTHER land and its culture for money. The final nail on the coffin is granting tax exemption for the movie which mocked and raped a religion vigorously. What a secular country India is?! Incredible India is not it?!


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