Interstellar – stupidity at its peak

What happened to Nolan who made films like memento and inception? Where are basic principles of movie making? Whatever wonder you do but the basics always remain same, what happened to them in interstellar?
Just like any other movie buffs especially fans of Nolan movies, I went to Prasadz Imax just to experience it in the way Nolan wanted it to be. Movie started and ended.
My questions:
1. Only 25% of the movie was shot in Imax remaining movie was shot in normal 35mm film. Then why the makers publicized it as an Imax movie?
2. When the entire world is suffering from severe drought, there is not even a single shot depicting it in outside USA? (world means not only USA, there are several other countries) – Basic principle missed out.
3. When the director clearly shows it out that only corn is survived and remaining all other crops are vanished due to climate change, from where cooper and his father-in-law drink beer (made from barley)
4. They said one hour in and around those three planets is equal to seven years on earth. As we all aware that gravity is directly relates to time. The nearer the clock is to gravity producing mass the slower it runs and vice versa. In that case the gravitation pull of those planets much more than planet earth. One hour = 07 years on earth i.e., the weight of astronauts must be 61320 times more compared to earth. But in the movie they are all walk normally just like they do on earth. What happened to Nolan’s intelligence here?!
5. In initial scenes cooper and murph figure out that the communication they are getting through dust is nothing but due to gravity but in the end Nolan shows it as an extra dimensional act which was being used to transmit data from ancient humans (either ghosts or people who are in that extra dimension). In this case it is cooper who is in extra dimensional space. But suddenly Nolan shows us that cooper was rescued by NASA and shifted him to their space craft near Saturn. Cooper was entered into Black hole. Black hole’s gravitational pull is so much strong that even light cannot escape it. He is entering into extra dimensional space is justified but coming back and rescued by NASA…..did you make a comedy film Mr. Nolan?!

There are several other loop holes in the movie…but the above things are enough to say it is a stupid movie. And few people in theatre clapping as if they watched a master piece (that itself says they did not understand the movie), some people updating FB status as if this is the best thing happened to mankind in this decade.

Come on guys they made a stupid movie to make a stupid out of us all.


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