INDependence Day

How many of us remember the date when we came to know that we are going to become parents? How many of us celebrate that date? Is it justifiable to celebrate a county’s freedom before it actually established or existed?!

After the 1857 war against the British, India was never tried to do the same till 1947. Because India was not existed then in present form. It was an amalgamation of several kingdoms in which some were self-ruled and some were under the British control. Most of the people did not know that they were under British control, it did not matter to them as their life was same who ever be the ruler. The primary motive of the British was to steal all the wealth, food grains, and minerals of India at any means. They studied the civilization and found out that there are so many castes in this region. Lower caste people are subjected to discrimination. They established East India Company, recruited this discriminated castes into their company, trained them, converted them to Christianity. Used them to fight against the then small time kingdoms of India. By using divide and rule and deceiving techniques (British famous for it) East India Company occupied most of the territories. But remember Hyderabad provinces, Travencore Kingdom as well as Mysore state were ruled by other kings. British considered them as their princely states but Hyderabad Nizam and Mysore Wodeyars never accepted it but maintained friendly relations with British just to safeguard their respective kingdoms.

After the end of Second World War in 1945, British realized that it is not possible to control entire India as the Briton itself suffered huge damages in the world war. They have their own internal problems. But they do not want to lose this wealthy and mineral rich region. They came up with an excellent plan along with their age old formula of divide and rule. Pakistan was established. India’s borders revised. They made their most trusted slaves as prime ministers for both the countries and left this region. The real freedom fighters like Netaji Subhash chandra bose were either killed or exiled.

But thanks to some leaders like Sardar Vallabhai Patel who took damage control measures and tried their best to limit the British domination in newly established India. Although the true freedom fighters were not so successful to eradicate British cunningness from India, they at least left an impression which is gradually igniting the minds of present generation. In the first place who the hell was British to give independence when there was no unified nation existed. If that is the case we still did not get freedom because India is still part of commonwealth (formerly British common wealth) as it is still participating in common wealth games and our government encouraging players to win medals in those games without any shame. But we don’t bother about it because it does not matter to us. We have our own rules and regulations in our constitution, our rights, freedom is regulated by our constitution  and our constitution was came into place on 26th January, 1950.

Hence instead of celebrating 15th of August, it is more wise and logical to celebrate 26th of January, because it was on that day India was become The Republic of India and a unified nation.


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