The helping hands

It is around 07:00hrs in the morning, the morning fog is slowly disappearing due to the warmth of sun rays. A boy aged 10 years slowly picking up plastic waste and putting it in a bag which he is carrying on his shoulders. He is Kittu. He lost his parents in an accident two years back when he was studying in class 3rd. After that he discontinued his studies, he survives on selling plastic waste to recycling companies in the city.

A busy railway station of a prominent city, Coromandal express just arrived on platform no.5, there is a coach S2. A boy aged 8 years slowly cleaning the floor in that coach and asking for money. He cleans the floor and at the same time observes the entire coach as well as passengers, gives information to the robbery gang. He is Balu. 8 years back someone left him in that station.

A renowned vegetable market near a metropolitan city, shop no.9, a girl aged 17 years assisting her parents in selling vegetables. She belongs to nearby rural area. Daily her parents bring vegetables by a govt. bus. She helps them in selling vegetables. She studied up to tenth (S.S.L.C). Later her parents forced her to discontinue her education citing financial issues. They call her Geetha.

There are so many children like Kittu, Balu and Geetha. Kittu wants to study but he does not have enough financial resources as well as guidance. Balu does not even know that a life called systematic learning (education) exists. Financial constraints limit Geetha in pursuing her higher education.

Everybody tells about problems…..what about solutions?! Yes, there is a solution…..all these children need some helping hands. Donate some amount from your earnings to a reliable helping foundation. If possible spare sometime for them. Initially I thought that it is not possible but when we started a facebook group “Helping hands”, it became real. An industrialist suddenly backed out from sponsorship of HOPE foundation citing financial losses in his firm. Those children were in need of note books and text books as they are going to start a new academic year. When we enquired, we realized that they cost around 32,000/-. Using facebook “Helping hands” group we promoted this and passed the information to friends, colleagues. And within a week we provided note books and text books to all those children. This incident made me to feel that we can do a lot to these children if we could spare a little time from our not very busy lives.

If our family supports, we can even adopt or sponsor an orphan for his/her entire studies. But this is too much for our society as it is still conservative. Many people used to say that life is boring….they feel unhappy and jaded. But the truth is that they deliberately keeping happiness away from them. Because whenever someone feels bored and gets depressed, the best thing to come out from it is to help the needy. Yes, you go to some orphanage, spend some time with them, I bet you will be relieved from all your tensions. I don’t know how it happens but it happens. Definitely you might have felt it at some point of time in your life, especially when you helped someone in need and it yielded good results. Was not it?

We adapt western culture, imitate westerns in terms of their life style but when it comes to western philosophy and social responsibilities, most of us never look at them. I wonder why it is?!

Most of us used to have more inclination towards materialistic things. It is not a bad thing to hate. Definitely we can have as we are earning so we have the right to spend it as we wish. We give costly gifts to our loved ones. We throw parties to friends, relatives for every possible occasion. Off course we can enjoy doing that. But what I perceived is we can have more fun and enjoyment in helping the needy especially orphans and old age people. When you give Rs.10/- chocolate to a 7 years old Ravi, his eyes sparkle with joy….it is not because of that chocolate but of a realization that someone is caring him. When you tell a story to a group of children, they listen with utmost care as if there is no world exists beyond the story. And you can’t value the joy we all experience in that moment. To do this it costs us nothing but gives them something, a something which is beyond a chartered accountant valuation.

An immediate reformation of society is very much required at this juncture in order to make future generation rich in knowledge as well as rich in personality.

And for that we need your “Helping hands”


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