The Polluted Hearts

What happens when you centralize the development?

What happens when you deliberately increase the monetary value of land?

The live example is Delhi

Holidays for schools because of Air pollution? 10 years ago we would not have imagined this.
Will our politicians realize this at least now?! They may realize but they will not care. What may be the reason? Greed, money & money. How much a person needs to live his life lavishly? 100crores, 1000 crores, 10,000 crores? But some people are earning lakhs of crores that too by keeping citizens of this country’s health at stake.

Yes Centralized development always leads to destruction. Imagine if we keep a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living room in a single room. How horrible it is to live there? You wash in the same room, you bath in the same room, and you cook in the same room, would you get sleep in the same room?! In the first place is it possible to live like that?! Even slum dwellers don’t do that (at least they keep their bathroom & wash room away from their house).

So the people who are living in Delhi like cities are in fact living in a single room which has a kitchen, bathroom, washroom and bedroom at one place. They are complaining about pollution.
In reality, cities are full of polluted things. Water is polluted, Air is polluted, Food is polluted, Medicines are polluted and even some people’s hearts are also polluted. What we call when you find all these pollutions at one place?

We must treat our country just like we treat our family?!
When we construct a home for us, we take utmost care in every aspect. But when it comes to our country we don’t care. Joint families have a limit, when they cross that limit, some of the family members set up separate homes. A house on an average keeps not more than 06 people in it. When we have such limitations in families why can’t we do the same for our cities?
How about limiting population of a city? That can be done only when we decentralize the development and control the value of land. Centralized development is not a development rather it is a well-planned destruction of life and wealth of a country.

Not agree, here it goes.

Centralized development attracts huge number of people. Living space becomes costlier leading to crimes. When crime is the solution, criminals increase gradually. When there are more criminals there will be more crimes.
Fact: Cities have more crime rate than Villages.
Destruction of Humanity


Erosion of roads will be more due to traffic congestion. Contract will be given to local contractor. Repairing was done. Contractor makes sure that the road would get damaged by next year. Again govt. calls for tendering. This time contract would be awarded to another contractor who ensured that the road would be damaged within 06 months.
Drainages get chocked due to inefficiency. Ground water becomes extinct as outlet is more than inlet. No water, No life. Then govt steps in. Water pipe lines from nearby rivers, water treatment plants. Pipe lines completed on war footing. During the inauguration pipe lines break into two pieces. Again calling tenders this time cost would be increased because they want better quality. Whose money all this?! Whose resources all this?!

Fact: More money spent in cities compared to Villages for resources.
Destruction of natural resources


How many schools a city has on an average? How many of them have play grounds? How many of them have certified & talented teachers?! Is there any school which does not give home work to it’s students so that they can spend some valuable time with their parents?! How many schools are closing after 04:00PM?! How many schools are encouraging children to play various sports?! And how many schools are not charging any fee?!

Residential schools wow what a concept! Then send your child to a Residential school, parents can take shelter in a working couples hostel. When we don’t have a family to reside what is the need of a residence?!
Fact: Govt. schools in Villages don’t charge much where as Private schools in cities charge lakhs
Destruction of childhood


Hospitals are meant for improving our health but in cities hospitals are meant for money. A typical hospital generally has the following as shareholders.
A Doctor – to run the hospital
A Politician – to protect the hospital from Govt.
A Gangster or a Goon – To protect the hospital from Public anger
A businessman – to fund the hospital
A lawman or a lawyer – To protect the hospital from court cases.
Their motive is to earn money as much as possible. You go there for some illness, they will treat you for some other. They will conduct health awareness sessions and instil in your mind a kind of fear which would force you to go through various tests.
There were rumours that some hospitals make an unofficial MOU with liquor vendors, food manufacturers to adulterate products so that they can get more patients. These hospitals celebrate the increase in patients flow.
This is one of the prime reasons we see more bars, wine shops in Cities. Oil manufacturers, fruit vendors all these people help the hospitals by using harmful chemicals in their products.
Fact: Number of hospitals are more (many folds) in Cities than Villages.
Destruction of Health.


The govt. never bans alcohol even after witnessing frequent deaths due to drunk & drive. In fact it promotes the drunken culture by giving more permissions to Bars & Pubs. Due to the centralized development population density increases. When population density is increased and drunken people are freely roaming on roads the highways become killways. Loss of life but the govt. never bans liquor because it gets more money from it.

Fact: Number of road accident deaths are more in Cities than Villages.
Destruction of Life.

Today it is Delhi, tomorrow 52 centrally developing cities and 35 crores citizens will face the same issue.

The Solution:
Decentralize the development, it will improve the quality of life. In India humans are inhabiting just 10% of livable land. Instead of trying to increase the land rates, try to inhabit another 10% of livable land. Keep the villages as they are. Create more villages. We need villages not cities. Problem will be solved.

It is time to depollute our polluted hearts to save ourselves and our children from centralized development.


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What makes a leader?

What makes a leader?!

As per the author Daniel Goleman the following things are essential for a leader

1. Intelligent quotient (IQ)
2. Technical skills
3. Emotional intelligence

“IQ and technical skills are
important, but emotional
intelligence is the sine qua non
of leadership”

Among all, the author says Emotional Intelligence takes the prime importance in making as well as elevating a leader.

The five components of Emotional Intelligence are

1. Self Awareness
2. Self Regulation
3. Motivation
4. Empathy
5. Social Skill

The leadership capabilities of a person depends on the way he/she reads a situation, analyses it, responds to it. In order to make all these things happen in a lightning speed with utmost accuracy (apart from IQ and technical skills) one needs to have a strong Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence can be learned by anyone who has a minimum IQ and technical skills. How strong a person is at Emotional Intelligence is depend on how long and how regularly he/she practices it in real life.
One should have a strong endurance to learn Emotional intelligence practically. Application of the aspects of Emotional Intelligence in normal life will mostly yield good results. When the author conducted a research to evaluate the personal capabilities of certain leaders among some big and reputed global companies, Emotional Intelligence stood out twice as important as other skills.
Emotional Intelligence can’t be mastered in overnight. It needs a procedural approach, a strong practice and dedication to achieve it.
Emotional Intelligence is one quality which differentiates the great leaders from merely good leaders.

If used properly the practical application of Emotional Intelligence is very effective as well as very productive in real life.

1. Self Awareness
A construction company which has vast experience in Bridge construction bids for two projects, one is normal bridge project and another one is a metro rail project. Fortunately the company gets two projects but it has resources available for only one project. It does not have much time to procure new resources to do both projects. Now the CEO of the company has an option to accept any one of the two projects. If he chooses the bridge project, the company can easily complete it and remain profitable in the end. But it will never get another chance to grab a metro project. The future is bright for metro rail projects where as not much of bridge projects would be coming in near future and also competition is more in bidding for Bridge projects.
The CEO uses his Emotional Intelligence skill “Self awareness”. He thinks in advance, uses strategy
# The Company has enough experience in bridge projects, so even in future if any such projects come, the company has chances of winning the tender.
# If company does not grab metro rail project now, it would be very difficult to get such project in future as there is no experience for the company in such projects. As there will be plenty of Metro rail projects are coming in future, the company desperately need to work for at least in one Metro rail project so that it can use this experience to grab such projects in future. In other words it can increase its turnover in future.
The CEO is aware of the company’s prospects and he opts for Metro Rail Project.

2. Self Regulation
The company commenced the metro rail project. But things are not moving as expected and as planned. Everything is behind schedule. The shareholders are mounting pressure on CEO for choosing this project over another. CEO is getting tensioned. Project team is not responding properly to the top management. CEO is getting angry. He plans a visit to project site. First he thinks he would scold the project team for their poor project management. Later he uses his Emotional Intelligence and starts thinking on the lines of Self Regulation.
He calls the project team for a meeting. He openly & passionately inquires each & every department about the issues they are facing. The project team first fears CEO, but later when he approaches them with friendly gesture they start open up one by one. The root cause has been found. The govt. is not providing the work front in time. They are not responding to the requests of Project Manager. CEO meets the respective officials and comes to a mutual understanding. The project team is relieved. They got the work front. The problem is solved.

3. Motivation
One issue has been resolved but there is another issue. The project is lagging behind schedule up to 05 months. The project team is in dilemma. They are not sure whether they can pull it off or not. They admit the same to their CEO. He was about to leave, but sensing their ambiguity over catching up with the planned schedule, he delivers an inspirational speech. Then he asks the project team to aim for more than 10% margin in profit. He promises them that he will pay some part of the profit to them if they exceed 10% margin. He also asks them to send weekly progress reports in addition to monthly reports. He calls for proper coordination between all the dept. so that no dept. will lag behind. He stresses for team work by explaining its importance. The project team’s self-confidence doubles with the action of their CEO. With sustained enthusiasm the team achieves its target as per schedule.

4. Empathy
The project team is busy in completing the works as per schedule. One day project manager gets a call from his subordinate. The subordinate’s parents met with an accident. He is sobbing and requests the PM for leave. Project manager grants him leave. For a moment he thinks and uses his Emotional Intelligence. He makes a call to that subordinate and inquires about the condition of his parents. The subordinate replies they are injured and taken to a hospital. PM assures him his support in dealing with the tragedy, he asks him how long is the hospital and whether he has any vehicle with him. The subordinate replies the hospital is around 150km from here, he does not have any vehicle with him. PM immediately comforts him and arranges a vehicle by contacting site administrator. The subordinate conveys heart full thanks to PM.
The sub ordinate reaches the hospital in time and his parents are out of danger. He comes back and joins the work. After a month there is an important work in progress. People are working vigorously to complete the task. Day shift workers are released and night shift workers resumed their duty. As some employees are on leave there is no reliever for day shift Engineer. The Engineer is the same sub ordinate whom the PM helped earlier. Project Manager calls him and explains the situation, requests him if possible to stay for another three hours, explain the work to workers and leave. But the Engineer uses his Emotional Intelligence. He empathises with PM and assures him that he will stay till the task is completed. He stays entire night, completes the task successfully and leaves. The project achieves one of its mile stones.

5. Social Skill
Whenever there is a significant celebration in the project, the project manager never misses the opportunity to invite top police officials of that area. He makes sure that he personally greets them in their office or at home whenever there is a special occasion. Others used to make fun of this. But the PM never deviates from making friendly gestures and building good rapport with government officials and local reporters.
One day in night shift, a Transit mixer topples on road. No one gets injured but it disturbs the traffic. Site people inform this to project manager. The PM uses his social skills, gets complete details of the incident. As he has a good rapport with the higher police officials and local news reporters, He calls them and requests to not to make any major note of it. He informs them that no one is injured and the company will clear the area immediately. The officials assure that if the company clears everything before early morning, they will treat it as a minor incident. The news reporters also say the same.
The site team clears the area in no time. By morning everything is clean and clear. The project manager saves the company from a huge public outrage by using his social skills.

What makes a leader?!
IQ, Technical skills are basic needs to become a leader but to be a great leader one has to master his/her Emotional Intelligence skills which distinguishes great leaders from merely leaders.
The contribution of skills for a great leader as per our understanding:
IQ – 25%
Technical – 25%
Emotional Intelligence – 50%

Successful application of IQ, Technical skills and Emotional intelligence makes great leaders.

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The Heroes of India

Since last two days most of social networking sites are beautifully filled with his name just like the name itself (sundar means beauty). Sundar Pichai the new CEO of Google. Some time back it was Satya Nadella who became talk of the nation after grabbing Microsoft CEO Position. There are people who are taking pride for the achievement of these super talented guys and there are people who are criticizing them for being so selfish.

A section of people say “see our Indians achievement; we are so proud of our Indians”. Another group says ‘’these guys studied in India with our money and now serving USA or UK (whatever citizenship they have now), so pathetic”.

Okay let us come to the point. There are millions of students are passing out from different colleges every year. Where are the opportunities for them? Is our government capable enough to provide them the choices and chances overall some opportunities?! A big NO, right! Then what these guys do? If they don’t go to abroad and stays in India will they get what they want? What about the dreams they had during their education? What about the skills they learned during their training and practical? All waste? Instead of that they are doing a great help to our nation by going abroad, generating foreign funds, reducing unemployment, above all satisfying their parent’s monetary objectives.

The truth is that they are not at all Indians, they have taken US citizenship. As India doesn’t accept dual citizenship, they are no more Indians. They are Indian origin American citizens. In short they are Americans. Then why we are taking pride in them? Meaningless, is not it?!

But yes please stop before abusing me. There are plenty of people who are more talented than these guys and who chose to stay in India and started everything from scratch in India despite facing unfriendly political leaders who demand bribe for every permission from government. And yes Infosys, Wipro and recent Flipkart all were established by talented students of India.

Radhakrishna and Raghunandan G, both IIM-Ahmedabad graduates founded Taxi for sure

Agrawal and Garg launched travel triangle in 2011, both quit plush postings and lucrative salary packages at Adobe and Yahoo.

Wharton graduate Kunal Bahl quit his cushy Microsoft job based in Seattle and together with his IIT Delhi alumni Rohit Bansal established Snapdeal

Sachin Bansal with college friend Binny Bansal built Flipkart, the country’s best-known online retail brand.

Anantharaman Mani, Anjan T , Balaganesh S & Vinod Kumar from IIM Bangalore set up Reportbee which has revamped the report card into an interactive digital application. Teachers can track the progress of a single student, see a class’ overall performance and compare classes on a single sheet. Now they are applying it for government schools also.

Samay Kohli, 26, and Akash Gupta, 23, set up Grey Orange Robotics in 2009. It is a first -of-its-kind venture for the Indian logistics industry. It builds robots that can move shelves stacked with various products to a floor assistant who then scans a bar code to confirm the right items. The robot in turn moves the chosen products to the shipping bay where workers seal the packages for final transport.

This does not limited to industries or businesses, even in politics, Mr. Manohar Parikar, Jai Ram Ramesh etc., are all eminent students of prominent institutions of India. There are 1000s of civil services officers who are serving the nation and most of them are from IITs, IIMs and other reputed institutions. There are 1000s of eminent researchers, technicians and scientists in ISRO, DRDO, BHEL, HAL and other reputed Indian organisations. MARS Mission, PSLV don’t happen on their own, there was a rigorous hardship of many patriotic people behind those victories. Don’t forget how people like Mr. C N R Rao sacrificed millions of dollars and returned to India to improve the research facilities in IISc, Bangalore. These people are far greater and far respectable citizens of India compared to those Indian origin Americans.

Hence instead of owning the disowned better own the people who sacrificed millions of dollars for us and working for us relentlessly by creating long lasting wealth and evergreen values.  Hail them for their work! Remember the heroes of India and salute the heroes of India.

Jai Hind !

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Dear Director, PK ho kya..?!

Visual medium is of two types

  1. Information oriented
  2. Entertainment oriented

News channels, news websites etc are all come under type 1. Movies, tv serials, entertainment websites, sports channels etc all come under type 2.

Now a days the type 2 visual medium is being used by evil people to influence innocent public. Especially movies.  A movie can show anything and everything as long as it does not preach the public. And when it starts preaching, the director must ensure that he/she is following it first.

Recently a movie was released which stars a popular hero and directed by equally popular film maker. It deals with a theme which is directly relates to religion. The director wants to rise some logics regarding the worshiping of god (in this process he highlights only one religion; I don’t know why he leaves other religions). To make this in an effective manner he uses the protagonist to the maximum extent by creating very intelligent scenes. He uses his intelligence to such an extent that he forgot the basics of a religion and basic reason of worshiping. It seems like he was completely lost in abusing a particular religion during the script work rather than understanding the concept of a religion.

The only good thing in the film is highlighting the cheating Swamiji’s acts very convincingly which may educate some people in a positive way.

What I was surprised about is the one who played the protagonist role did not object for such scenes where in he says “ Jo dartha hai wahi mandir jata hai”. Although they intentionally highlighted a particular religion, I feel it is applicable to every religion. That means “ Jo dartha hai wahi masid jata hai”, ‘’Jo dartha hai wahi church jata hai”. The director and the protagonist started preaching. Before preaching they must ensure that they never went to a temple or mosque in their life time. But when we check with their personal life style, we can easily understand that they do go to temple and they do go to mosques regularly. When they themselves are not following certain things, why would they want to preach to public?! Are there any external forces acting on them?!

In some scenes the protagonist asks about why people put money and other ornaments in hundi? The reason is to feed the needy. In olden times temples were allotted huge agricultural lands, gold and other things. In those days people would donate rice, dal in place of money (because money was not existed then). When money was invented, they would donate it to temples. Whatever form it was but the aim was to feed the needy during tough times. The director missed this logic it seems.

In another scene the protagonist wonders why people stand in queue and wait for hours to have a glimpse of an idol which is a mere stone. The reason is meditation (dhyan). Whenever people go to temple, there must be a common objective for all, other than individual desires. It is nothing but to have a glimpse of the idol. It is a stone but it has a shape and a name to it. People chant the name of the idol by keeping its shape in the mind during the darshan. They do it with utmost concentration; in that process they forget all their problems at least for that moment. It is nothing but meditation and meditation relieves the mind from tension. This applies not only for temple even for church or a mosque the same thing applies but the director targeted more on temple only. People go there for peace of mind, it is achievable only through meditation and for meditation a symbol and a chant is very much required to concentrate on. The intelligent director missed this too.

We have seen 26/11 attacks in Mumbai. Every Indian knew who did it. In any country not all people are bad. At the same time not all people are good. If these people are making a normal film without preaching it is okay. We will see it like a movie. But when they are trying to preach something then they should be aware of the same people who took away the heads of our beloved soldiers, who went on a killing spree for decades by indulging in various anti-social activities. What the director wants to prove? All of them are good hearted and our women must go and marry them?! First of all why a Pakistani, when you have lot of other countries out there? Were there any external forces forced them to do so?! One side people are suffering for the loss of their loved ones both at borders and in the country due to the cruel acts of our neighbour country and on another side these film makers are mocking the public by showing them in good light and Indians in bad light. It seriously raises doubts on the patriotism of this film maker.

Government should seriously think on this type of movies, because movies are one of the strongest visual medium in India. If they are not properly regulated or controlled, they would do an irreparable damage to the entire generation. Once this type of false propaganda gets into the young minds it would be very difficult task to get back them on right track again. It will affect an entire nation in a negative way. We must educate our young generation regarding our culture and religion but we should not mock and insult our religion without understanding it properly. It will make a big dent in the minds of youngsters.

And finally here is a film maker who could not understand the concept of religion and values but still can make a film on them and earn 100s of crores. Prostitutes sell their body to earn money, some unethical news reporters sell their profession to earn money, PK makers surpassed them all by selling their MOTHER land and its culture for money. The final nail on the coffin is granting tax exemption for the movie which mocked and raped a religion vigorously. What a secular country India is?! Incredible India is not it?!

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Interstellar – stupidity at its peak

What happened to Nolan who made films like memento and inception? Where are basic principles of movie making? Whatever wonder you do but the basics always remain same, what happened to them in interstellar?
Just like any other movie buffs especially fans of Nolan movies, I went to Prasadz Imax just to experience it in the way Nolan wanted it to be. Movie started and ended.
My questions:
1. Only 25% of the movie was shot in Imax remaining movie was shot in normal 35mm film. Then why the makers publicized it as an Imax movie?
2. When the entire world is suffering from severe drought, there is not even a single shot depicting it in outside USA? (world means not only USA, there are several other countries) – Basic principle missed out.
3. When the director clearly shows it out that only corn is survived and remaining all other crops are vanished due to climate change, from where cooper and his father-in-law drink beer (made from barley)
4. They said one hour in and around those three planets is equal to seven years on earth. As we all aware that gravity is directly relates to time. The nearer the clock is to gravity producing mass the slower it runs and vice versa. In that case the gravitation pull of those planets much more than planet earth. One hour = 07 years on earth i.e., the weight of astronauts must be 61320 times more compared to earth. But in the movie they are all walk normally just like they do on earth. What happened to Nolan’s intelligence here?!
5. In initial scenes cooper and murph figure out that the communication they are getting through dust is nothing but due to gravity but in the end Nolan shows it as an extra dimensional act which was being used to transmit data from ancient humans (either ghosts or people who are in that extra dimension). In this case it is cooper who is in extra dimensional space. But suddenly Nolan shows us that cooper was rescued by NASA and shifted him to their space craft near Saturn. Cooper was entered into Black hole. Black hole’s gravitational pull is so much strong that even light cannot escape it. He is entering into extra dimensional space is justified but coming back and rescued by NASA…..did you make a comedy film Mr. Nolan?!

There are several other loop holes in the movie…but the above things are enough to say it is a stupid movie. And few people in theatre clapping as if they watched a master piece (that itself says they did not understand the movie), some people updating FB status as if this is the best thing happened to mankind in this decade.

Come on guys they made a stupid movie to make a stupid out of us all.

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INDependence Day

How many of us remember the date when we came to know that we are going to become parents? How many of us celebrate that date? Is it justifiable to celebrate a county’s freedom before it actually established or existed?!

After the 1857 war against the British, India was never tried to do the same till 1947. Because India was not existed then in present form. It was an amalgamation of several kingdoms in which some were self-ruled and some were under the British control. Most of the people did not know that they were under British control, it did not matter to them as their life was same who ever be the ruler. The primary motive of the British was to steal all the wealth, food grains, and minerals of India at any means. They studied the civilization and found out that there are so many castes in this region. Lower caste people are subjected to discrimination. They established East India Company, recruited this discriminated castes into their company, trained them, converted them to Christianity. Used them to fight against the then small time kingdoms of India. By using divide and rule and deceiving techniques (British famous for it) East India Company occupied most of the territories. But remember Hyderabad provinces, Travencore Kingdom as well as Mysore state were ruled by other kings. British considered them as their princely states but Hyderabad Nizam and Mysore Wodeyars never accepted it but maintained friendly relations with British just to safeguard their respective kingdoms.

After the end of Second World War in 1945, British realized that it is not possible to control entire India as the Briton itself suffered huge damages in the world war. They have their own internal problems. But they do not want to lose this wealthy and mineral rich region. They came up with an excellent plan along with their age old formula of divide and rule. Pakistan was established. India’s borders revised. They made their most trusted slaves as prime ministers for both the countries and left this region. The real freedom fighters like Netaji Subhash chandra bose were either killed or exiled.

But thanks to some leaders like Sardar Vallabhai Patel who took damage control measures and tried their best to limit the British domination in newly established India. Although the true freedom fighters were not so successful to eradicate British cunningness from India, they at least left an impression which is gradually igniting the minds of present generation. In the first place who the hell was British to give independence when there was no unified nation existed. If that is the case we still did not get freedom because India is still part of commonwealth (formerly British common wealth) as it is still participating in common wealth games and our government encouraging players to win medals in those games without any shame. But we don’t bother about it because it does not matter to us. We have our own rules and regulations in our constitution, our rights, freedom is regulated by our constitution  and our constitution was came into place on 26th January, 1950.

Hence instead of celebrating 15th of August, it is more wise and logical to celebrate 26th of January, because it was on that day India was become The Republic of India and a unified nation.

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The helping hands

It is around 07:00hrs in the morning, the morning fog is slowly disappearing due to the warmth of sun rays. A boy aged 10 years slowly picking up plastic waste and putting it in a bag which he is carrying on his shoulders. He is Kittu. He lost his parents in an accident two years back when he was studying in class 3rd. After that he discontinued his studies, he survives on selling plastic waste to recycling companies in the city.

A busy railway station of a prominent city, Coromandal express just arrived on platform no.5, there is a coach S2. A boy aged 8 years slowly cleaning the floor in that coach and asking for money. He cleans the floor and at the same time observes the entire coach as well as passengers, gives information to the robbery gang. He is Balu. 8 years back someone left him in that station.

A renowned vegetable market near a metropolitan city, shop no.9, a girl aged 17 years assisting her parents in selling vegetables. She belongs to nearby rural area. Daily her parents bring vegetables by a govt. bus. She helps them in selling vegetables. She studied up to tenth (S.S.L.C). Later her parents forced her to discontinue her education citing financial issues. They call her Geetha.

There are so many children like Kittu, Balu and Geetha. Kittu wants to study but he does not have enough financial resources as well as guidance. Balu does not even know that a life called systematic learning (education) exists. Financial constraints limit Geetha in pursuing her higher education.

Everybody tells about problems…..what about solutions?! Yes, there is a solution…..all these children need some helping hands. Donate some amount from your earnings to a reliable helping foundation. If possible spare sometime for them. Initially I thought that it is not possible but when we started a facebook group “Helping hands”, it became real. An industrialist suddenly backed out from sponsorship of HOPE foundation citing financial losses in his firm. Those children were in need of note books and text books as they are going to start a new academic year. When we enquired, we realized that they cost around 32,000/-. Using facebook “Helping hands” group we promoted this and passed the information to friends, colleagues. And within a week we provided note books and text books to all those children. This incident made me to feel that we can do a lot to these children if we could spare a little time from our not very busy lives.

If our family supports, we can even adopt or sponsor an orphan for his/her entire studies. But this is too much for our society as it is still conservative. Many people used to say that life is boring….they feel unhappy and jaded. But the truth is that they deliberately keeping happiness away from them. Because whenever someone feels bored and gets depressed, the best thing to come out from it is to help the needy. Yes, you go to some orphanage, spend some time with them, I bet you will be relieved from all your tensions. I don’t know how it happens but it happens. Definitely you might have felt it at some point of time in your life, especially when you helped someone in need and it yielded good results. Was not it?

We adapt western culture, imitate westerns in terms of their life style but when it comes to western philosophy and social responsibilities, most of us never look at them. I wonder why it is?!

Most of us used to have more inclination towards materialistic things. It is not a bad thing to hate. Definitely we can have as we are earning so we have the right to spend it as we wish. We give costly gifts to our loved ones. We throw parties to friends, relatives for every possible occasion. Off course we can enjoy doing that. But what I perceived is we can have more fun and enjoyment in helping the needy especially orphans and old age people. When you give Rs.10/- chocolate to a 7 years old Ravi, his eyes sparkle with joy….it is not because of that chocolate but of a realization that someone is caring him. When you tell a story to a group of children, they listen with utmost care as if there is no world exists beyond the story. And you can’t value the joy we all experience in that moment. To do this it costs us nothing but gives them something, a something which is beyond a chartered accountant valuation.

An immediate reformation of society is very much required at this juncture in order to make future generation rich in knowledge as well as rich in personality.

And for that we need your “Helping hands”

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